Our Church History
Prior to the organization of the Palestine Missionary Baptist Church, we were originally a Mission with the late Reverend Robert W. Wright chosen as Spiritual Advisor.  With the desires of the members of the Mission to organize into a Baptist congregation, the necessary procedures were taken to do so.
On March 15, 1969, the Mission met along with  Board of Baptist Ministers.  On the basis of the Mission's Resolution, the late Reverend E.W. Mathis and the late Reverend Ozzie Clark motioned that the Mission would be organized as a Missionary Baptist Church--namely Palestine Missionary Baptist Church.  The Church was organized with fifty-one (51) Charter Members, eight (8) of whom were ordained Deacons.
From the beginning as a Mission, into the organization of the church body, the members exhibited a Christian spirit of togetherness and a desire and willingness to cooperate and work toward an edifice where we might serve and give God the praise.  On August 3, 1969 with the help of God, we moved into our current location at 15787 Wyoming Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.
As a new addition, in 1979 the Lord blessed us to install our own baptismal pool; and in 1974 because of the increase in our membership, we were blessed to expand and re-modernize our edifice.
Through God's goodness, our church family has progressed in every respect.  We are grateful to Him for our leadership, our lovely church home and all the members He has sent our way.
As members of Palestine Missionary Baptist Church we are always giving thanks, praise and honor to God Almighty.  Our only desire is to serve Him and Him alone, and to live our lives as to help bring others into the light of His salvation for the up-building of His Kingdom.
We come this far by faith, leaning and depending on the Lord.  Everyday we are trusting in His Holy Word.  We here at Palestine have found out that the Lord has never failed us.  We can't turn around on God for we have truly come this far by faith.
We are grateful and proud of our church family.  We are constantly praying to stay humble and be servants that God is looking for in these last days to serve our immediate community and neighborhoods.  We want the Master to be able to point with pride at us for having kept the faith, fought for right and righteousness and being submissive to His Will.
Our Leadership
God's will placed Reverend Samuel Ward, Jr. as the Interim Pastor on May 25, 1969 over this flock and he was elected Pastor shortly thereafter on August 30, 1969.
Pastor Ward served faithfully for thirty-one and a half years as the Under-Shepherd letting theme and life be known by his favorite saying "May the Works I've Done Speak for Me."  He was gallant soldier in the army of the Lord, and he fought a good fight, finished his course, and kept the faith until the Lord called him from labor on Thursday, February 22, 2001.
Reverend Ronald C. Burks, Sr. was elected on December 8, 2001 and installed as Pastor on March 17, 2002.  He currently serves as Senior Pastor of the Palestine family.  Rev. Burks has instituted the following ministries at Palestine:
**A.N.G.E.L.S. Ministry
**Altar Care Ministry
**Bereavement Ministry (Fellowship & Culinary)
**Children's Church Ministry
**Community Service Ministry
**Dancers of Praise Ministry
**Evangelistic Outreach Ministry
**Financial Counseling Ministry
**Greeters' Ministry
**Intercessory Prayer Ministry
**Literacy Ministry
**Media Ministry
**Membership Ministry
**Men's Ministry
**Mentoring Ministry
**Pastoral Support Ministry
**Schorlarship Fund
**Security Ministry
**Seniors' Ministry
**Spiritual Counseling Ministry
**We Care Ministry
**Wednesday A.M. Bible Study
**Wednesday Discovery Night Bible Study (Adults & Youth)
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